Re: oil for caps (fwd)

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"What are we doing here creating new physics? The capacitance may increase
with higher dielectric oil but only because of the space being displaced
between the foil and the poly. This may make a higher capacitance but it has
to lower the breakdown voltage by stressing the poly more. You just don't
get something for nothing. I remember seeing the posts about doubling
capacitance, but I don't believe it.
Dave Huffman"

	Right ON!  "New physics" may work on USA TESLA or the free energy
lists, but not in reality.  IF someone made measurements which seemed
to give the results reported (significant increase in capacitance) then
one of two things is possible:
1. There was NO dielectric material between the plates.  Highly unlikely
unless someone went to an awful lot of trouble.
2. The measurements are flawed.
	I opt for the latter.