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Sat, 3 Jan 1998 08:52:40 -0700 huffman
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> What are we doing here creating new physics? The capacitance may increase
> with higher dielectric oil but only because of the space being displaced
> between the foil and the poly. This may make a higher capacitance but it has
> to lower the breakdown voltage by stressing the poly more. You just don't
> get something for nothing. I remember seeing the posts about doubling
> capacitance, but I don't believe it.

Dave, it's not in violation of physics! There is no lowering of the 
breakdown voltage either since the dielectric strength of the Sunsil oil is 
the same as that of mineral oil which doesn't differ much from that of the 
polyethylene.  If one makes a sandwich out of several dielectrics with the 
same strength but differing dielectric constants, the resultant capacitors
value seems to be determined more by the higher dielectric constant than by 
anything else.


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