Re: dc drive forT-coil and S-gap replacement?

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Sent: 	Wednesday, January 07, 1998 6:08 AM
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Subject: 	dc drive forT-coil and S-gap replacement?

dear all,

I am too wondering wether it is possibel to drive a teslacoil with dc
and without a unaccurate sparkgab.

First: Would it be worth to try to rectify the output of a 20-25 KV NST
with High Voltage Bridge rectifier consisting of several 1Amp, 10000 V
diodes switched in series and feeding the HV capacitor?

does anybody know some scheme's for sparkgap replacement by HV-triacs.
This would be a great way to synchronize the 'gap' on the
resonancefrequency by for example triggering the triacs via shuntvoltage
of a (very low!!, high Watt) resistor placed in the primary circuit?

thanks for your reply!