What kind of transformer is this?

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Subject: 	What kind of transformer is this?


I recently came across an ad on http://bro-dot-net/barc/forsale.html for some
high "current or voltage sensing" transformers.  They sound very heavy
duty.  What does this transformer do, and is it useful for Tesla work?

Description follows... Chris Crochet


HIGH VOLTAGE TRANSFORMERS/CASES: I have at least 50 HV current or voltage
sensing transformers. They measure 5" x 6" x 7" tall with two 3" long
porcelain feedthru insulators sticking out opposite sides. Also has a
4-terminal barrier strip on top. I de-potted one of them using a small heat
gun but only found three small toroids, a diode bridge and small cap. and
lots of glass marbles and resin. The case itself is 1/8" thick solid
aluminum plate with a 1/16" thick gray rubber coating on inside and out (
the top is removable ) and may be useful for housing your own HV project if
you can economically de-pot the inside. The feedthrus have 1/4"-20 x 5"
long long solid copper threaded studs with brass nuts on each end. Unit
weighs 16 lbs. Asking $7.00 each or 2/$12 plus shipping from S.E. Alabama.
Email or call 334-347-5281. 
W. Worley <worley-at-snowhill-dot-com>
Enterprise, AL USA - Monday, January 05, 1998 at 14:45:58 (CST)