specs. on my HV caps

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Subject: 	specs. on  my HV caps

Do to many queries, i crawled over many pallets of capacitors to get the
following specs.
50kv  7.1uf  8875joules   aerovox
65kv   2.3uf  4800j               "
60kv   1.8uf    3300j              "
all are low inductance types (e.g. 40 nH)  11x14x25" tall  220 lbs .   these
are typical specs as every cap has a little different capacity.

20kv  14.2uf  2850joules  0.035uH inductance     sangamo
130 lbs 7 1/2x14x24" tall

there are also a few odd ones.  a few have mineral oil instead of castor oil

most of the 50-65kv caps have quite rusty cases thanks to the military leaving
them out in the rain before the auction.

jim heagy, retired chemist

anyone going to san francisco to see greg's giant tesla coil can drop by to
see the caps three doors away at the shipyard.