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> Hi everyone,
> While variac hunting, I came across a power resistor
> today I just couldn't pass up. I'm hoping someone
> might be able to approximate the power capability.
> It's ribbon wound, about 26 inches long, a little over
> 3 inches wide, 10 ohm, and weighs in at 11lbs (huge!).
> The ceramic thickness from inner wall to outer wall is
> about an inch. Anyone know an approximate power
> rating? I'm guessing well over 2000W. Thinking of
> using it instead of heater element for my pig.


I hope you don't mind a tag-on note with your question. I have several
old 2400 Watt Cutler Hammer reostats that were used for light dimmer
controls in an old theater. They are big, and use carbon brushes. I know
they work well, because I cleaned them up, tested them, and hooked them
back up to the strip lights in the theater. We have used them for the
past several years, but now we are changing over to a solid state light
dimmer system with new lekos & par 64 lights.

Could this unit also be used for The same purpose on a pig?

These units are about 18 in in diameter and are about 2 inches thick.
The carbon brush wipes across many brass plates the brass plates are
connected to resistance wires that are inbedded in what looks like
potted silica. When used at full power they get around 180 to 200
degrees F. They have a name plate rating of 2400 watts.

To get an idea of the operational wattage you might try hooking up a
resistive load, (many 500 watt lights), and measure the temp as you add
lights. When the temp gets to 180 to 200 degrees F, count the light
bulbs and add up the wattage. This should give you an approximate watts

Hope this helped,

Cliff (drowning in Ohio)