Re: X-ray xfmr oil available

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> castor oil has a higher dielectric constant than xfmr oil. will that make it
> heat up if i use it to make a tesla cap? i don't want to drain one of my 60kv
> discharge caps to make a tesla cap if someone knows it won't work. i have
> plenty of them but it would be a lot of work.
>   jim heagy, who never actually learned to type in the last 55yr.


Castor oil not only has a high dielectric constant, but is also has
relatively low dielectric loss - in fact it has minimal loss between
50,000 and 200,000 hertz... JUST right for Tesla Coil caps!! Also, your
pulse caps MAY be usable as Tesla Coil caps if disassembled and
reconfigured. These caps are typically constructed from multiple series
(and sometimes paralelled) sections. Have you tried disassembling one of

-- Bert --