First light

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Subject: 	First light

I have been researching TC's for about a year now but have finally finished
building my first Tesla coil.  I am getting 49" streamers with seldom strikes
at 52".  I would like to thank everyone on the list for their contributions.
Although I have posted the list but a few times, I have always gotten answers.
The majority of my questions were answered from other posts and the search
feature on the archives (Thanks Chip, good idea).
 What I would like to know is, how does my coil stack up against other coils
with the same input power?  Here are my coil's specs:
 Power supply: 2 15KV-at-60mA  NST's
                       no variac
 Filter network: Saftey gap, grounded center electrode
                       2 15KVDC doorknob caps in series to ground (each leg)
                       1  3.5" toroid 25 turns #14 in series with 
                       1 aircore inductor 2"o.d.x6" PVC wound with #28 magnet 
                          wire and a 50W 3K ohm resistor (each leg).
                       1 25A line filter (before NST's)   
 Spark gap:      RQ type in parrallel with HV bushings
                       11 electrodes 0.75x6"spaced 0.025" in 6" PVC (capped
and slits 
                            cut for air flow).
                         1 Vacuum cleaner motor
 Caps:               4 Rolled 0.011uF (2 series sets of 2, in parrallel)
                         3 20mil sheets 16"x96" of LDPE
                         Al roofing flashing 12"x 91"
                         Transformer oil (Texaco)
                         Kraft paper between each                        
 Primary:            17 turns 0.25" copper tubing spaced 0.25" 
                         15 degree bank
 Secondary:         8.5"o.d. (dried and sealed in and out)
                           34" winding length #20 magnet wire 1000 turns
 Top load:             Toroid 4"x20" crafted from styro. and Al tape (looks
 Misc.:                 #6 sol. copper hookup wire for tank ckt.
                            0.05" wide brass strips for cap connections (hobby
                            #14 HV wire for tap lead (neon sign shop)
 I am tapped at ~14 turns on primary for best spark.  I know I need more caps
and a larger wire for my tap lead but if someone sees something else I should
do to improve my coil, please let me know.
 Thanks again
 Rusty Duncan