Re: X-ray xfmr oil available

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>  to: Jim Heagy
>  Do you happen to have any Maxwell 100 kV, 0.67 MFD caps in your collection.
>   I have 3 large units bright orange in external color and I'm looking for
>  at least 4 more to complete a 700 kV impulse generator.  Won't pay much for
>  them though because the shipping alone is going to be a killer -- all the
>  way to Wisconsin.  Any comments??
>  DR.RESONANCE-at-next-wave-dot-net
i don't even know where wisconsin is but "cheese" rings a bell. there were 3
of the units you seek here but someone beat me to them. your agents perhaps?
how about 12 60kv units instead. my agents tell me you are planning to visit
SF soon. my warehouse is only a stone's throw from greg's giant coil. you
could rent a Ryder truck for the trip back. maybe you could me something for

                 jim heagy