Re: Maxwell H.V. Capacitor

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The Maxwell cap is subject to certain geometries which determine the final
exact capacitance of the unit.  The predicted (design) value is listed. 
The second (measured) listing is the exact measured cap of the unit.  This
is always more accurate and is presented so engineers have the exact value
in a circuit so they can use this data for any calculations as opposed to
the design value.  Most of these types of caps are tightly wound units and
the exact compression value may vary slightly from cap to cap thus the
geometry and the exact cap values varies slightly from unit to unit.


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Subject: Maxwell H.V. Capacitor
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I bought a 0,069 F HV Maxwell capacitor at Surplus Sales of Nebraska.
I received the good model ( 37433 )but I'm little bit confused by the
caracteristics label :

Hight voltage capacitor
cat n 37433
Capacitance   : 0,069 F
Voltage       : 80 kV
Measured cap. : 0,00657 F ( ? )
Equiv. series ind. : 0,020H.

And , yes , the measured value ( Bi Wavetek capacimeter ) is
0,00659 F.

Who can explain the difference between capacitance and measured values?

BTW my transformer is a big 220 V ( 50 hz ) / 15000 V -at- 0.5 A
custom wound oil transformer ( 160 kg).

Thank you,

Dr Lyonel Baum (MD) 6 carrefour de l'Europe Macon France  W .Europe