Re: Sync Rotary Gap Problems

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Subject: 	Re: Sync Rotary Gap Problems

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> What am I doing wrong here??? If I increase the gaps, all I get is a humming
> 4KW transformer.  I'm using 1/8 inch rods...are they too thin and quenching
> too fast???
>I rotated the motor back and forth to get the best timing...???
> Any ideas???
> Scott


My guess is that you need more voltage, or even closer gap spacings,
does the coil fire only near the max variac setting...this would be an
indication of insufficient voltage.  More voltage is needed when the
gap is spinning, because it's harder for the gap to fire when it's spinning.
The 1/8" rods are not the problem, and over-quenching is not the 
problem (unless you call failure to fire, "over-quenching").  I use 8
series gaps within my sync-rotary and I have to adjust them so they
almost touch to fire at 32kV with resonant charging.

Hope this helps,
John Freau