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> Subject: 	NEONS IN SERIES?
> Lets say you have two 7500-at-30ma open frame(not potted). Is there any way
> to run them in series safely. Is there some way to mount the cores 
> together. 

The real problem is that the windings aren't insulated from the cores
enough to stand off the full 7500V. They're probably insulated for around
4000-5000 VRMS. (more insulation costs money, and NST's are a price
sensitive product). Running them in series, even with the cores "floated",
you run the risk of shorting from the HV side to the core, and then to the
110V power (which is probably only insulated for 2500V, if that).

However, if you sink the arrangement into a bucket of oil, and let the oil
permeate the gaps, you might pick up the needed insulation. The operative
word here is "MIGHT".

How are you going to test it to see if it is arcing internally?