RE: gaps on caps

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Sent: 	Friday, January 09, 1998 1:59 AM
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Subject: 	Re: gaps on caps

> Carlos wrote;
> I have seen a program called "rotjit", written by R. M. Jamison, that runs
> simulations that demonstrate this effect. The program can be obtained from
> one or more Tesla sites in the WWW (I don't remember from where I got it).

John, Carlos, All,
I've  got this program on my pc. I could email it as a zip file to whoever wants it. It
was copyright in 1991 by Robert Jamison in Ohio. Robert meant this as freeware. Zip size
is about 43k. It's just one file (rotjit.exe) zipped. It's a "shell to dos" program.

John, I agree. Have you any thoughts to "steady" the fire point? This is the difficulty
but probably not impossible.