Outdoor performance problems

From: 	Adam[SMTP:absmith-at-tiac-dot-net]
Sent: 	Saturday, January 10, 1998 6:38 PM
To: 	tesla list
Subject: 	Outdoor performance  problems

I had my coil running really well indoors this morning (65F and dry), and when I put it outside (38 F, moist) I got some puzzling problems.  I set the tuning the same as it was indoors, and upon firing up, I got sparks going up and down the surface of the secondary.   I retuned, and it turns out that I had to go from exactly 6 turns of primary to 4.5!!!  Why the huge difference?  I measured my caps, and they only went up 0.005%, so this does not account for it.  And even once in tune, I had trouble getting breakout from the bare toroid.  

When I first got the thing in tune I wa getting 43" sparks, and 30 minutes later I was down to 30".  Seems like temperature was affecting something.


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