Re: coaxial cap and oil in cap

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Yes, I've tried copper plated circuit boards. I etched a 3/4" border
around the edges on both sides to prevent flashover and they worked well
dry on my 7.5Kv neon. The only problem is that the circuit board is
lossy at TC working frequencies and will heat and break down the circuit
board, meaning only short runtimes with time enough for the caps to cool
between. I haven't tried soaking them in oil. If you're strapped for
cash, they'll get you going, but the poly caps are much better from what
I've read on the list (although I've yet to try one).

> has anyone tried copper plated circuit boards or aluminum litho plates? both
> about 12x18" . I have a bunch i plan to try when i get my act together.
> jim heagy


	Rick Holland

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