130kW Coil Update

From: 	Greg Leyh[SMTP:lod-at-pacbell-dot-net]
Sent: 	Sunday, January 11, 1998 7:03 AM
To: 	Tesla List
Subject: 	130kW Coil Update

Hi All,

The coil is now essentially ready for first application 
of HV to the primary.   Unfortunately this requires that
the tower structure and vault be reasonably dry, and the
weather has not been co-operative lately.  The forcast
shows rain well through this week, and so I have been
nervously sitting on my hands, working on anything that
can be done in the shop, such as documentation, and email.  
I wish that I could give a solid firing date, but there 
are still too many variables at this point, including
the fact that I don't know what kind of hell may break 
loose up in the tower structure.

The first application of HV will be from the 250 watt
0 - 50kV test supply, for initial hi-pot testing and then
single shot tuning of the coil structure.  Once we are
satisfied with the voltage and current waveforms in the
single shot mode we will then advance to low level 
operation off of the main transformer-rectifier set, 
with the secondaries arranged in the delta configuration
to provide only 57% of the max power capability.  
Cameras will be mounted in the vault, and looking up 
the manway through the secondary at this point. 
Once we are thoroughly comfortable with the machine's
performance at this power level, we will re-configure
the secondaries for full star mode, and ramp the 
machine up to full power.  The Hunter's Point FD will
be present for this part of the testing.

All that is required now is a break in the weather...