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> Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 22:02:53 -0600
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> Subject: Capacitor Question??
> I have tried making rolled poly caps
> using multiple 6mil sheets and have had no luck. Using that many layers
> it is extremely hard to keep the plates even on both ends and roll
> it tightly. If your wondering how many layers I am talking here, there
> were 15 60 mil thick sheets. 

Not exactly related to your question, but kinda.
Why are people trying to build single caps with 90mil thicknesses?
Perhaps I am off base, but would it not be easier to construct
3 caps, using 30 mil/ea, and wire in series? Granted, I have been
building plate caps this way, not rolled caps, but I cannot
see why you cannot apply the same technique.  Yes, I realize this
increases the amount of plate material, but it is better than
a cap that does not work at all, no?
In addtion, you can use a smaller diameter pipe. For me, this would
be the saving grace, as anything over 3" gets real expensive around

[ side note: has anyone ever considered using heavy-duty aluminum foil
  in place of the flashing?  I can get 18" wide foil. Allowing 2" of 
  poly on either side of the plates gets you 12" of overlap, and a 
  4" thick connection point at either end of the roll. as the foil
  is not as stiff (1mil, vs 10mil) you can get a tighter roll, as well
  as reducing the inductance of the cap itself. Comments?]

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