Re: oil for caps (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 22:39:11 +1000
From: Ralph Down <rjdown-at-fan-dot-net.au>
To: Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
Subject: Re: oil for caps (fwd)

> Sounds like excellent performance in a small system.  What is your upper HV
> terminal type and size??  Also, is 25 inches the sec winding length (wire
> gauge??) or total sec coil form length??
> DR.RESONANCE-at-next-wave-dot-net

Top terminal is a plastic light fitting 12" diam sphere wrapped with
aluminium foil. Winding length is 21.5" single layer spaced with fishing
line - about 900 turns from memory.  Not sure of exact wire gauge, the
whole secondary has been laquered several times.  It was designed
originally to be powered by 2 x 30 mA 10kV neon trannies, but when my
cap turned out to be twice the calculated capacitance, I found I could
get more out of it using 4 trannies in parallel and adjusting the
If you are interested, there is a pic on my friend's web page. Note it
is an old pic only using 2 x 10Kv neons. The spark output has improved
somewhat since then. http://www.OntheNet-dot-com.au/~comp_guy/page3.html

Ralph Down