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>> Stainless steel has very poor heat conductivity, and the one person I
>> know who has tried s.s. said his gap fouled quickly.  Brass also tens 
>> foul.  Copper works better than anything  else I've tried.  I 
>> at least 2 inch diameter pipe, 2.5 inch is superb.
>> Bert Pool
>But for those of us that have a *explitive* of a time finding something
>larger than 1" (mostly because I work on a shoestring budget), be
>assured that it works just fine. I am pumping 720W
>through a RQ style gap made with 1" pipe. You may want to consider
>increasing the length of the segments to assist in quenching. 
>Michael Baumann  Optivus Technology Inc.|Loma Linda University Medical 
>San Bernardino, California. (909)799-8308 |Internet: baumann-at-llumc.edu

I am curious; I heard of a gap configuiration and succsesfully built one 
with good results. I was wondering if it is the same as what is 
mentioned above or if my gap is something completely different. I have 8 
peices of 1/2" copper tubing, each cut about 6" long. All the tubes are 
mounted parallel to one another inside a 3" PVC section. There is 30 
mill spacing between each. I am using a 12kV 60mA transformer and the 
gap has held up well. I am not using a fan, but I am building a fan 
apparatus for it. This gap and a new capacitor increased my output by a 
few hundred percent. I have not measured my power levels yet - will be 
taking measurements this weekend, but I figure I am using around 1000 

Tristan Stewart

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