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Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 05:33:23 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Re: temperature to melt NST tar 

I think the melt temperature of the tar in a neon has something to do with
how old and dried out it is.  I always try 200 degrees F at first then turn
the temperature up 50 degrees each hour until the tar melts.  Most of the
time the tar in the neons will melt at about 200 but some require more heat.
I have melted several neons and found that thay all seem to melt at a
different temperature.  I have melted neons on a wood stove, BBQ grill and
in the kitchen oven.  A controlled heat like the kitchen oven will produce
almost no smoke and smell.  A BBQ grill and wood stove works fine but there
is no control over the heat and it produces lots of smoke and smell.  It
takes a minimum of 1 hour in the kitchen oven. It usually takes me 2 hour on
the wood stove.  The heat makes the tar expand and some will leak out.  I
like to put aluminum foil around my neons to contain the leak.  Over heating
makes the tar boil and thats where all the smoke and bad smell comes from.
There is a lot of over heating on the bottom of the neon when doing this on
a BBQ grill or wood stove and that causes the tar on the bottom of the neon
to boil and smoke and lots of tar leaks out.

Gary Weaver

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>Subject: temperature to melt NST tar
>Two quick questions, hopefully with easy answers:
>What temperature does the tar in Neon transformers melt at?  How 
>long should a transformer be cooked to repair the carbon tracks?