Re: TOROID?? (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 14 Jan 98 11:36:21 EST
From: Gary Lau  14-Jan-1998 1127 <lau-at-hdecad.ENET.dec-dot-com>
To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
Subject: Re: TOROID??

>From: Zuma <mwise-at-ns.sosis-dot-com>
>I recently made a toroid, it is wraped in aliminum tape. My question is,
>is there anything Ican do or coat it with to suppress break out??

Isn't that a bit like building a flashlight and looking for something good
and dark to paint the lens with?  One generally _strives_ for breakout from
a toroid.

Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA