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<< Subject: Pole Pig/Potential tranny needed!!!!
 I live in the eastern part of Texas. I am in need of a pole tranny or a
 potential tranny in the 12-15kv-at-5-10kva range. It is not that I can't
 find one, truth is I did locate one. But it is 3 states away, the price
 was right but the delivery was a killer ($200) alone. My total cost
 would have been about 400-450 dollars. So now I am asking anyone on this
 list if they can help me locate one, preferably within driving distance.
 I am looking to spend no more than 200 dollars maybe more but I doubt
 it. I know alot of you that have been on this list for awhile can help
 me. Maybe someone has one they don't use or knows someone or somewhere
 that I can acquire one. I would be extremely thankful if someone could
 help me out here!!
 Thanks ChrisJ.

Call your local electric utility company and ask to talk to the individual in
charge of investment recovery.  This is the guy in charge of selling their old
transformers, scrap wire, etc.  Tell him you are looking for a used two
bushing 14,400 volt 5 or 10 kva transformer.  I did this and bought one for
the unheard price of $100.  I made a big mistake however.  When I went to pick
it up they had two (tested, oil checked, etc) ready for me and I only bought
the one.  I wish I would have bought both of them.

Ed Sonderman