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two weeks ougta be enough. first search sign shops and then junkyards
for neon sign transformers 12 of 15 kilovolts will do. ask for a used
one they might give you one for free but a used one will usually cost 25
to 30 $ not to shabby. make sure it works before you buy it have them
plug it in or else youll ahve to unpot it and thats a whole nother
monster. next youll need capacitors and thatll be impossible to find and
if ya do find em theyll be about 300$ so build your own beer bottle caps
are best check chips site or bill beatys site for beer bottle cap plans
real simple
all you need is about 4 beer bottles and plastic caps that fit on top
some salt tap water oil
assorted bolts found at home depot or lowes a bucket and some wire.
theres a pic of my beer bottle caps on pupman. then (and this may be a
little hard to find) buy 2 25-30 watt
3kiloohm resistors this is to protect that 25$ tranny. now the spark
gap. for a 2 week coil al youll need is a way to hold 2 wires apart at
an adjustable distance i put together a bunsh of bolts on a piece of
plexiglass but 2 wires will do. now the coil itself.
find a cardboard tube and go to radio shack. theyll have in the pars
section a bag with three spools of magnet wire in them each spool is a
different size
buy three bags and take the red wire #30 awg outta each bag tape one end
of the wire an inch up from the bottom of the tube and start windin'
nice and smoothe no bumps etc.
when you get to the end of a spool tape it down and solder the beginning
of another on the end with as little of a bump as possible then continue
winding. when the coil is complete smother that sucker in polyurethane
wood finish btw thisll take about a day
then  get some solid copper wire like they use in house wiring the thick
stuff. and wind it
around a plastic cylinder container that the end of the magnetwire coil
will fit in with a margin of a bout an inch (if coil is 1" diam then
container should be about 3")
the thick wire should be spaced about 1/2" a turn and held in place by
glue twist ties whatever find a way to bolt or glue the coil inside the
container and then that onto a wood plastic  etc box the wire at the
bottom of the coil can be hooked to another piece of wire , run outta
the box and up to the top. put a nail point up at the top and connect
the top wire to the nail then position the bottom wire about 10 cm away
from the nail (nice bipolar)
put the resistors one on each leg of the transformer then connect the
beer caps one terminal to each leg of the tranny (this is the way i did
it and it worked) connect the gap (2 wires) to one leg of the tranny and
connect the coil primary to the other leg of the gap and the other leg
of the xfrmer

         ____      ___gap__
xfrmer____cap________coil    plug that baby in and you should get a nice
corona and maby a 5-8" spark  by the way the gapll make alot of noise so
you may want to put it in a box with foam rubber around it or something
and youll have to adjust the gap distande for maximum performance

this is an awful shake and bake coil but for 2 weeks and makeshift parts
its pretty good
and if you go to a school like mine the teachers and most of the
students there are so daft theyve never heard of tesla so thissl dazzle
em no matter how weak it is

if any of this is unclear please say so and ill try to explain more
fully unless you just want me to shut up

in which case i will