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>I recently had problems with one of my neons that I unpotted. My primary
>was shorting and overheating. So I have decided to either replace the 
>winding or rewire a new one. But inorder to wind a new one I need to 
>know how many turns I need, wire gauge, and if it needs to be soaked 
>in anything for insulation against breakdown. 

Measure the wire gauge on the original primary, and rewind with the same 
gauge.  Use copper instead of the aluminum wire.  If you still have the 
original primary intact, count the turns. Neon primaries are wound 
geometrically enough that you can just count turns per layer and multiply 
by the number of layers to get a good estimate.  Also measure the outer 
dimensions of the primary.  When you rewind with the same gauge wire, to 
make the same size primary, you will have approx. the same number of 

Unless you unroll the original primary coil and measure it, you will need 
to calculate the wire length needed, and it will be quite a bit. Then, 
you can just make a bobbin out of thin stiff cardboard or and laquer it 
for real stability.  Remember to make it a bit oversized to start with, 
to allow for the buildup of laquer and the squeezing from the wire.  When 
the whole primary is done, laquer it for insulation and support.

If you plan to immerse the rebuilt tranny in oil or some other kind of 
potting compound, make sure your laquer holds up under this material.  
test it, not all laquers & enamels are alike.

>But on the other hand I
>do have another tranny of the same specs the only difference is that
>the core on the spare one is about5-10 laminates larger than the other
>tranny. My question is, Is there a way to use this primary on the
>smaller core or do I need to resort to others solutions.

If it has roughly the same number of turns on the primary, you should be 
able to use it and fill a extra spaces with polyethylene.  If you warm 
the strips of poly in near-boiling water, and squeeze the windings and 
poly down over the core, it will hold fast when it cools.  then trim off 
the excess poly and you're done.


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