Re: temperature to melt NST tar (fwd)

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Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 16:32:58 -0800 (PST)
From: gweaver <gweaver-at-earthlink-dot-net>
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Subject: Re: temperature to melt NST tar (fwd)

Today I put an unpotted neon in a pan and filled it with kerosine.  I put
the pan on my camp stove and turned it on.  I put a cover on the pan because
the flash point of kerosine is 150-180 degrees F and the boiling point is
175-325 degrees F according to the Merck Index.  After about 30 minutes the
hot kerosine was hot enough that the tar melted and it came right off.  I
used a spoon to stir the kerosine a little.  When I removed the neon from
the kerosine it was very clean. The paper is a light brown and there is no
tar left on the windings. It worked. 

Remember nothing will burn with out oxygen.  Thats why I used a cover on the
pan.  Just in case it caught on fire I could put it out.  The cover must fit
very well and seal it off so no oxygen can get in if it catches on fire.
Take all safety precautions. 

I have another neon that has been in high voltage oil for about 3 or 4
months.  It had a thin coating of tar on it before I put it in the oil so I
washed it in gasoline and removed all the tar except what was soaked into
the coils.  The oil use to be clear but now it is a dirty brown.  The tar
dissolved into the oil does not hurt anything.  It would be nice to have
clear clean oil but I think the oil would have to be changed several times
to make it stay clean.

Gary Weaver

>I just finished heating my transformer and removing the tar from it earlier
>today.  I did a quick hook up to test it and now it works agian!  I am
>quite happy.  Anyway, there is still a thin coating of tar on the whole
>thing.  I had some petroleum spirits and wiped away but not too much came
>off.  I am thinking that letting it soak in a bucket of kerosine wouldn't
>be a good idea.  Or, is that safe?  Before I make a case for it and fill it
>with mineral oil, I'd like it to be as clean as possible.