Re: good RF groundplane construction? (fwd)

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arrie sparky:

I would suggest building your rf ground for your Tesla work as a totally
separate ground system.  As an example, you can purchase 8 foot ground rods,
or possibly 2 meter by you, and use several in your grounding system.  I use
three eight foot grounds that are 8-10 feet apart.  These are then
interconnected with copper pipe that is normally used for home water lines.
I chose 1/2" copper pipe and both soldered and clamped these to the top of
the 8 foot ground rods, after the ground rods were pounded into the earth.
The grounding system was located within 5 feet of where I set up and run my
coil.  I connect to the ground by using copper flat strap that is 1" wide.
A good ground is very important for safe and strong Tesla performance, in
that order.  The ground I just described is needed for higher power work,
while a single 8' rod would probably be fine for a neon system.  Make an
effort to keep the ground line from the base of your secondary as short as
practical.  Another helpful hint, I had to decide how to access the ground
but yet be able to mow the lawn.  I purchased a plastic housing for lawn
sprinkler systems.  These are open bottom devices that are buried with a lid
that twist locks into place, flush with the surface of the lawn.  Simply
remove the lid to connect to the ground.  When done with the coil run,
simply replace this little lid.  The unit I purchased was about $4.00 at a
building supply store.  I normally will use a watering spike and soak the
soil too just to improve the grounding as much as possible--probably not
really needed, but it sure doesn't hurt!  Hope this provides some ideas for


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Subject: good RF groundplane construction? (fwd)

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>Subject: good RF groundplane construction?
>Dear all
>How do I construct a good RF ground for my coil without using the
>main-ground as adviced by many coilers. Would a sheet of alu-foil
>wrapped around woud do?
>Thanks for your repy,
>arrie sparky