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Subject: RE: Desktop Coil ground? (fwd)

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Subject: Desktop Coil ground?

[Proposed coil would be: 1"x10" 28awg, with a 2-3" spherical topload`
I will have to find ferrite toriods or sticks to build the protection
circut. At this frequency, he will be able to use a small cap, and yet
still get 5-6" arcs at least.
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I have a small coil 2"x8" with a 4" sphere I ground it with an allunium foil counter-poise, about 5'x12" for my small coil. It works fine. You may want to check your hight to diameter ratio. Your proposed ratio is 10:1 you may want to drop that to 5:1 by using 2" secondary instead. Also many people run small single neon coils without chokes or safty gaps and neon failures are few. I don`t use a safty gap on my small coil but I do run two air core chokes. You can make an air core choke by wraping 24-26 gage wire on 2"pvc about 6" worth this will get you around 2mH. I use them on my coils with no problems. I never lost a neon. Hope this helps.

Everything looks like copper to a million volts.
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