Re: good RF groundplane construction? (fwd)

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Subject: Re: good RF groundplane construction? (fwd)

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 Subject: good RF groundplane construction?
 Dear all
 How do I construct a good RF ground for my coil without using the
 main-ground as adviced by many coilers. Would a sheet of alu-foil
 wrapped around woud do?
 Thanks for your repy,
 arrie sparky

Use an 8 foot copper clad steel ground rod - available at all building supply
stores and most hardware stores.  Connect to you coil using heavy guage solid
copper wire or use 2 to 3 inch wide copper or aluminum flashing.  Depending on
the input power of your coil, one ground rod should be good for a 12 to 15 kv
30 to 60 ma transformer.  Wet the ground around the ground rod before using
it.  For higher power systems, add more ground rods about 8 feet apart and
connect with heavy guage flashing.  My large ground plane uses three copper
rods connected by copper flashing.

Ed Sonderman