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FYI to the group.
I just received the geiger counter I bought from Jim Heagy.  It works,
it's cheap, and I'll put it to good use.  It's also big and heavy, but
the US Navy has big heavy ships to keep this stuff in.  I always
wondered what they used as ballast to keep those ships upright - now I
know!  Thanks Jim - and there are probably other researchers on this
list who could use a good geiger counter - hint, hint!  Came with a
terrific manual w/schematics too.

Excuse the cheap plug, but I like sharing a good deal.
Bert Pool

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>I have lots of geiger counters. $50. each end window tubes, very
sensitive but
>HEAVY . They are battery operated  (D cells) and come in a nice
aluminum case.
>UPS from San Francisco is probably not cheap.
>                                           Jim Heagy, high voltage nut