bargain or dead bird? (fwd)

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>>  Parallel is the only sensible way to connect them.  The insulation is not 
>>  designed to survive a continuous two-times overvoltage condition.
>Why can't you connect the primaries of two coils in parallel, then 
>in series to get 16kv difference, but only 8kv off ground??? As long as you
>keep the cap and primary isolated from ground neither transformer should see
>more than 8kv at a time (one sees +8kv while the other sees -8kv but neither
>sees more than 8kv difference from ground) unless of course I am all screwed
>up!!!  I am sure someone will tell me.

Are these standard center-tapped secondary NSTs, or single-bushing units 
with one _end_ of the secondary grounded to the case?


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