liquid/gassious dieletric

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Sent: 	Friday, January 02, 1998 3:05 PM
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Subject: 	liquid/gassious dieletric

i am fed up with poly. i cant figure a design that works well
so ...

ive got a bunch of quarter roof flashing all clean and the same size.
i figure i could just stack the plates on one another with double sided
tape or styrofoam
however far apart they need to be with nothing in between them. then
whenever i get the
caps where im setting up i can sink them into a liquid or gassious
dielectric, fire the coil
and pull em out again to take it home. i was thinking of useing 10 w 30
engine oil
but i need to know the strength or if anyone has a better idea for a
dieletric thats
readily available and not too expensive please mail me.