bargain or dead bird? (fwd)

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> Why can't you connect the primaries of two coils in parallel, then
> in series to get 16kv difference, but only 8kv off ground??? As long as
> keep the cap and primary isolated from ground neither transformer should
> more than 8kv at a time (one sees +8kv while the other sees -8kv but
> sees more than 8kv difference from ground) unless of course I am all
> up!!!  I am sure someone will tell me.
> Jim Heagy

My response among many, I am sure. The transformer is probably insulated
for about 5kV, with the centertap of the secondary connected to the case.
Ground one terminal, making sure the case isn't grounded, and now you've
got the core floating at 4 kV above ground. The 110V winding is probably
only insulated for 2kV. ZAP