Tesla Ground (fwd)

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  Matt,  Ground everything to your Tesla coil
RF ground, grounding to the power neutral is asking
for trouble!!!!! You absolutely do not want any RF
return path to power.

Mark Graalman

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>	Thanks to all who responded. As I understand, the ground I 
>should work for my coil. I plan on upgrading it in the future  to some 
>"real" grounding rods when I get a chance to get some. Too bad I don't
>live closer to a big city... I have a couple more questions though. 
>I ground the case of my NST to my RF ground or the wall outlet ground?
>I've heard of it being done either way, and I don't know which is 
>Lastly, what is a "Floating" primary? Thanks, 
>		Matt P.
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