SCR power supply (fwd)

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Nice thought, but SCR's are way too slow for an RF application.

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> Subject: SCR power supply
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> A while back I ran across a book on induction furnaces. In the book was a
> short discussion on using SCR's in a circut like a multivibrator  to
> provide power for an induction furnace. The book was vague about the
> circuitry involved but it did allude to a circuit that (1) provided back
> EMF to shut off the SCR and (2) provide a trigger pulse to fire the SCR
> the oppsite polarity. I don't know what the upper frequency limit for tis
> type of circut is, but I'm thinking that it may be a way of generating
> power at high enough frequency to make it cost effictive for us coilers
> a budget. If any of you have run across this application, any information
> would be helpful.....Thanx               Al Syme   KG0QJ