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>I have a couple more questions though. Should
> I ground the case of my NST to my RF ground or the wall outlet ground?
> I've heard of it being done either way, and I don't know which is best.

The case of the NST should be grounded already through the third or
grounding prong of your wall plug. This can be verified with an Ohm
meter. It should not be grounded to your rf ground because the voltage
spikes and frequencies being shunted through that ground would be
inductively coupled to the primary of the supply transformer, which
would, in turn, inject the signals into the supply mains.

> Lastly, what is a "Floating" primary?

A floating primary is one with no reference to earth ground or any other
voltage potential. This is normally accomplished by using an isolation
transformer to feed the supply transformer. The isolation transformer
has a primary that may or may not be protected by ground, but the
secondary has no ground point, isolating the output voltage from any
voltage reference. if this secondary is used to power the primary of
your supply transformer, the primary of the supply transformer is said
to be floating. This was used in troubleshooting older equipment as a
safety precaution before three prong grounded plugs were available. It
is still used to make absolute voltage measurements with a 'scope to
prevent shorting a return line to ground. I hope this helps.

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