Pole Tranny??

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I got a pole tranny from T&R Electric (13,800/120/240) 5 kVA for $175.00
delivered. The catch was, I had to go to a freight terminal in the area
to pick it up (about a 40 mile drive). The guys at the terminal plopped
in the back of my pick up with a fork lift and I was off. My point here
is that you might ask them (T&R) if they could send your tranny by a
common carrier (instead of their delivery truck)to a terminal near you.
It still would cost you something, but probably less than
$150.00-200.00, if you don't mind driving a little. I spoke to a guy
named John, and he was very helpful. Its worth a shot. Hope this helps.


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> Subject:        Pole Tranny??
> I know I have asked this before. I was told to try my local electric
> company, but they said ha no way. I hope that I can locate one.
> I am looking for a 2 bushing 14400kv at 3kva-10kva pole tranny.
> I have about decided the only place I know I can get one is T&R
> electric. I guess if you figure it the overall price isn't that bad.
> They give a 2 year warranty on there trannies. Their prices aren't that
> bad I was trying to cut out the $150-200 shipping charge.
> If anyone out there knows any other places I might try either in the
> East Texas area or not. Please help me out.
> Also I would even consider 2 7000kv units or even a 12000kv unit.
> Thanks,
>      Chris