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Hello all,
I have aquired a 15kv 30ma transformer, about 40ft #6 bare wire for 
primary coil.  I also have plenty of 2" pcv and I also have 4" pcv.  Now 
I would like some suggestions for the demesions of the primary and the 
secondary and the toroid so as I get the biggest spark.  I'd really 
apriciate the help, and thanx for all the help so far.....

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>With this size coil you might consider using an oil burner ignition 
>(OBIT).  Most are rated 10 kV at 23 ma and will usually charge a .005 
>cap reasonably well.  I made a small unit this size and took it to Ed
>Wingate's Teslathon this year.  It produced 5-6 inch sparks.  I used a
>simple 2 gap design (2 small gaps in series) and a commercial .005 MFD 
>with a 3 turn primary coil.  I started with 16 turns and tapped until 
>worked best with the cap and sec. load.  The caps are very small (3/4 
>x 2 inch x 1/4 inch) which allowed me to use a base only 7 1/2 inch 
>Used delrin spacers 4 3/4 inch high to separate the sub-base pieces 
>were 1/4 inch phenolic type LE.  If you need any caps I have them in 
>005 MFD  9 kV (will work on 10 kV) for $25/unit.  
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>> I am in the process of designing/building a desktop coil for a friend
>> that is a physics teacher. Can you think of a better way to get kids
>> interested in science that arcs? :)
>> Anyway: It is pretty obvious that said coil must be small,and that is 
>> not really a problem. What is a problem is how to ground the beast.
>> The instructor is not allowed to do little things like pound 8ft rods
>> into the ground outside the class.
>> [Proposed coil would be: 1"x10" 28awg, with a 2-3" spherical topload`
>> I will have to find ferrite toriods or sticks to build the protection
>> circut. At this frequency, he will be able to use a small cap, and 
>> still get 5-6" arcs at least.
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