Richard Hull's nemesis

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> what power levels was he running?
>>Jeff Corr
>Nemesis ran at a wide range of powers as it was developed and as new and
>larger terminal capacities were attached.  It started at around 5 KW with
>.03ufd of capacitince and the same system with only top hat and capacitor
>changes ended up running 12-13KW with a maximum capacitance of .09ufd.
>Richard Hull, TCBOR

  Richard -

  Your Nemesis coil apparently was well tested with powers from 5 to 13 KW.
The Tesla List at present is interested in secondary voltage vs spark
length. Can you give us some comments on spark lengths, pri and sec
capacitance, primary voltages, etc.? 

  Forget about the secondary voltage unless you want to comment.

  John Couture