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John H. Couture wrote:

>   Greg -
>   The equation you used to find the TC secondary circuit voltage
>             Joules = .5 x C x V^2
> can be used to find the joules, capacitance, or voltage in the TC primary
> circuit. These joules or energy will appear in the secondary circuit with a
> certain efficiency. However, this joule equation cannot be used to find the
> TC secondary voltage. In the pri circuit the voltage is RMS, 60 Hz, but in
> the secondary the voltage is of an instantaneous dampened wave type. The
> dampened wave can be seen on an oscilloscope and the peak amplitude
> estimated. However, this is not of much use because this is not the voltage
> to which the secondary terminal is charged.

Conservation Of Energy is _completely_ independent of
waveforms, frequencies, and the like, and only concerns 
itself with the instantaneous energies in the reactive
components of the circuit.  

In a standard pulsed Tesla Coil, the primary capacitor
provides all of the circuit energy when the gap fires,
as the secondary has completely rung down by this point.
The total energy available to the circuit at this instant 
is given by  Epri = .5 x Cpri x Vpri^2, where

Epri -- energy in primary capacitor
Cpri -- capacitance of primary capacitor
Vpri -- voltage on the primary capacitor

If we hold that the Conservation of Energy is valid, then 
at no instant can the energy in the secondary be greater 
than the primary energy, regardless of how it got there.

Even if the coil were 100% efficient, the _maximum_ 
possible output voltage can be no greater than
Esec = .5 x Csec x Vsec^2,    where Esec = Epri.

These equations can be boiled down to give an absolute 
maximum limit for the output voltage:
Vsec(max) = Vpri x SQRT(Cpri/Csec).

Any coil system that can generate more output voltage 
than prescribed by this equation has somehow circumvented
the Conservation Of Energy, and should by all rights be
promoted to the realm of the greater-than-unity machines
on the usa-tesla list.