Current Limiting Queries

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to  Greg

The welder is used as a series reactor, ie, connected in series with either
of the 220 volt primary legs of the pole xmfr.  The crank is used to vary
the series inductance and reactance of the unit and hence controls the
current in the primary of the pole xmfr.


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> Subject:  Current Limiting Queries
> Hello All,
> I've read postings suggesting that an AC arc welder can be used 
> as a current limiter for a pole transformer.  I'm curious about a 
> couple of things.
> How are the welder and pole pig wired together?
> Also (and this is a bit off-subject), just how does an arc welder 
> work?  What is the current limiting mechanism, and how is it made 
> variable?
> Lastly, can a pole pig be current limited by means other than an arc 
> welder or series power resistors?
> Cheers,
> Greg