Rotary cause failure ?

From:  Jeff Corr [SMTP:corr-at-enid-dot-com]
Sent:  Thursday, January 22, 1998 7:42 PM
To:  Tesla List
Subject:  Re: Rotary cause failure ?

It seems to me that increasing the gap speed or distance for all you static
gap users out there stresses your thransformers more and more...  but the
sparks get longer and fatter.  Its an unfair tradeoff, isn't it?  The more you
power it up, the more it says "turn me up even more"...

>I use an asynch rotary also, on my 6.0" coil.  It also performs better and
>better as I crank up the rotary gap speed.  The input current climbs,  the
>rotary speed is increasing audibly, the sparks are getting longer and fatter,
>my heart rate is trying to keep up - and then something goes to hell.  I am
>using a pole pig and have never hurt it but I have lost a couple of caps.
>I believe high rotor speeds just plain beat the system to death.  I know
it is
>very hard on the tank capacitor but I am surprised it took out your 300 ma

The best part of life is death. Pee on your Tesla Coil.
Jeff Corr