Voltage/Length (fwd)

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John Couture wrote:
>   However, if a voltage divider is connected to the sec terminal, a voltage
> can be obtained. My guess is that a coil with a 60 inch spark at no load
> would give a voltage of about 300 KV with the proper divider. This could
> vary considerably depending on the total impedance of the divider.   
>   We will all be looking foward for your report of the results of your HV
> capacitive divider column. 
>   John Couture


Then we seem to agree that this one cannot be nailed down just yet.

I will be pleased to share my experiences with my divider column once 
built.  I have the vacuum capacitors (60 units), the large steel tripod base is 
built, and the 10 aluminum shield rings have been obtained.  All I need is some 
time.  Hopefully by next summer?

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