Did rotary cause failure ?

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<< >Hi All,
 >    Two days ago I fired up my 3 KW Tcoil and got some impressive results
 >for being conservative.  I had spent a few days re-building my supply and
 >wanted to take it easy for a while using 1000 rpm on the rotary gap.  Last
 >night I took photo's of the unit and between frames increased the speed of
 >the motor.  After about 30 seconds at 2400 rpm one of my transformers
 >again, died.   >snip
 >Thanks all for any input.
 > >>


If these are those photocopy type trannies, I believe Skip Greiner
has run these successfully using a synchronous gap system, with
resonant charging.  Skip used a safety gap on each tranny I think,
and obtained 65" sparks if I remember correctly.  This kind of set-
requires the correct sized cap to resonate with the tranny.  Skip
possibly modified the trannies by improving the insulation as
described by Fr. Tom and maybe others.  I think Skip used about
2100 watts input, but I'm relying on my memory here (beware  :)

John Freau