Adj. Pri. Cap

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Subject:  Adj. Pri. Cap

>>Are you thinking about bringing out external taps or are you looking to
make it infinately adjustable, to adjust it while in operation. A number
of coilers have used either method with success. An air-insulated
variable transmitting capacitor (1/4" or so spacing between plates)
which is immersed in transformer oil will work quite well when connected
across your main cap(s) to provide precision tuning. However, be very
careful that you are not going to make accidental contact with either
lead of the cap - I've seen primary RF jump about 2.5". Use a long shaft
made from a good insulating material.

Safe cappin' to you!

-- Bert --<<


I'm thinking of verticle plates with a sliding action. One side stationary
the other slides in and out. 90mil of PE inbetween plates and the whole
thing in a tank of mineral oil.

Sound good?

Rene Caldera - So. Calif.