nst question!!

From:  Zuma [SMTP:mwise-at-ns.sosis-dot-com]
Sent:  Friday, January 23, 1998 1:19 PM
To:  tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
Subject:  nst question!!

I have a 12000-at-60ma neon I had to unpot a while back. I then modified it
to about 70ma(don't know exactly) and I added more insulation.
Around the secondaries I added two pieces of 3mil poly, and around the 
primary I added a solid 90 mil piece of poly in place of the original
couple of mils of some kind of paper. I actually have two questions.
The first is when I run this, would using a plainlamp cord cause the
primary to start to heat up, I have noticed that if it is running for
a little while the power cord gets warm not hot, warm. Or could having
90mil of poly between the shunts and the primary be causing it to heat
up. My first guess was it was probably because I modified the ma.
Also the distance from the shunts to the primary is pretty close to the
same as before I modified it about 70ma.

My second question is, I have a 15000-at-30ma unpotted neon, but the
primary that was on it is shorted big time. Now then the secondaries are
are good and Iwas wondering if they would hold up if I replace the 12000
with the 15000 secondaries. If this worked it would give me 15000-at-70ma,
but I don't want to fry my only 60ma tranny. Altough I do have a 7500-at-
60ma, it is weak in comparison.