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> Subject:  COIL LENGTH?
> I would like some input on this. I have recently wound a new secondary
> with 22awg magnet wire on a 6.25" x 19" coil form. My question is, is
> it better to keep the w/h ratio closer to a 3:1 or is it better to go
> with a larger ratio of say 5:1. The 5:1 gives a lower frequency and more
> inductance, so I am just wondering. The only thing I observed dropping,
> was as the tube get longer the Q was dropping. This was all done in
> teslac.
> Thanks
> Chris


Go with a longer coilform length, especially if you're thinking about
running at higher power levels later on. Go for at least 24" to get
better voltage standoff and to provide more clearance between the toroid
and the primary strike-rail. A 4:1 or even 5:1 ratio won't make a big
difference, especially if you increase the wire diameter to keep the
turns in the 600 - 900 range. 

-- Bert --