mic trannies

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<<> >I obtained 68" sparks using 6kVA...not the most efficient system,
> >but nice performance anyway.
> Wow.  Thats quite a bit for me.  41" maximum was what I got before.
> How did you run the mic trannies?  Were you putting the primaries
> in a series (and also in parrallel) using 220vac or just parrallelling 
> them at 110vac?
>Jeff Corr
> corr-at-mail.enid-dot-com


I used the 240 volt, series-parallel, input arrangement for a little
better efficiency.  The inner grounded trannies were 1500V rated,
the outer ones were 2000V rated.  I used a non-sync rotary in
the set-up.  I have a videotape available that shows the system
in operation.

John Freau