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>Greetings Distributed Capacitance Enthusiasts:
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>>From: 	Haldun Karaca[SMTP:karaca-at-izmir.eng.deu.edu.tr]
><I am trying to realize a very high bandwidth Rogowski Coil s . Now I am trying
>>to formulate and minimise toroid shaped Bobbin capacitance .
>>Could you help me namely reccommend me literature that s aim is to
>>formulate capacitance value of toroid inductances .

I have wound up a gang of torodial rogowski coils when I was doing the Water
arc explosion work.  I would just wind away on a piece of 3/8" tygon tubing
with # 30 Kynar insulated wire and shunt the whole winding with a .1 ohm
carbon resistor.  (this is the classsic old method)  The modern method is to
integrate the output of a much lighter coil.

Most of the work I was doing was with 300KHZ damped wave pulses.  so a
self-resonant 3 mhz rogowski just put some trash on the first rising or
falling edge in the storage scope waveforms.

I hade to calibrate on the fly with a known current setup in the circuit for
which I was expecting to measure.  They worked great.  Wideband, but non-linear.

I got tired of doing this for every new iteration of circuit so parted with
$900.00 and got a Pearson.  They be folks with the plan and wideband.  The
thing is dead linear from .02Hz to 2.5mhz and just as passive a component as
a lead pipe.  How dey do dat!?  (Answer- years in the biz and they won't
even discuss the methodolgy with you!!!!!)

Richard Hull, TCBOR