Voltage/Length (fwd)

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>From:  Bill Lemieux [SMTP:gomez-at-netherworld-dot-com]

>What about strikes to a divider?  If a divider's HV terminal were to
>receive a strike at near-maximum arc length, can we not assume that the
>loading on the seconday will be relatively low due to the resistance of
>the arc channel?  Under such a condition, I would assume that the
>voltage delivered to the HV terminal of the divider would be very close
>to the voltage at the secondary HV terminal, minus quite a bit of

I have a couple idea:

1) Let a Strike hit a current transformer/inductor, and peak-detect the
current to derive the maximum voltage.

2) Use an E-field meter. I have a file for one that. I'll post it in a
follow-up message.