Static Gap Question??

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 Subject:  Static Gap Question??
 On my past two coils I ran the gaps in the type setup. Until now I just
 realized that I don't think it was quenching for peak performance.
 My gaps consist of this, two 6 inch long metal pieces (they are at 90
 degrees in the shape of an 'L') they have 7 holes drilled in each piece,
 I place 7 bolts on each metal piece, then each of the bolts have a cap
 nut on them (rounded). These two pieces are mounted parallel to each
 other, then I wound set the distance between the gaps to about .2 each.
 But what I just realized is that regardless of the seven total gaps, I
 noticed that the sparks would jump around to different electrodes but
 they never fired all together. Which I think was not giving me total
 quenching. I never noticed because I guess that I was satisfied with
 my first coils output (20 inches/15000-at-30ma) and my second coils output
 (9 inches/7500-at-30ma). Also on my first coil I used a fan on it to
 Could someone tell me me if this is right. If it is I am probably going
 to find me a new setup for my spark gap.
 Thanks, Chris

If I understand correctly, you have several gaps in parallel - all set at .2".
What you want for good quenching is many small gaps of maybe .020" to .030"
all in series.  Try it and you should see quite a performance increase.

Ed Sonderman